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We offer non-emergency transportation to eligible riders on our service area.

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Cancer Program

The purpose of the CDC grant is to decrease the incidence of late stage cancer diagnosis through education. It serves the Bad River Community. We offer a variety of health events, and informational resources.   


Call - (715) 682-7133 (x 4341)

The Nutrition Program works with the community members at any age to teach healthy eating and introduces new and exciting ways to prepare our food whether we bought it at the grocery store or harvested it.

The Nutrition Outreach Coordinator informs WIC clients about healthy growth, teaches lessons at Head Start and provides nutrition education at the Elderly events.

If you have any questions or would like to work with the Nutrition Program please call for an appointment.The Nutrition Outreach Coordinator can also come to you and teach a lesson.  

Nutrition Outreach Worker

Mary Jo

Community Health Representatives:



WIC Staff

Cheri Nemec, Registered Dietician

Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council